The Leasehold Company

The Leasehold Company is the only company in England and Wales working exclusively for leaseholders, representing them in service charge disputes and winning reductions and refunds of service charges from unscrupulous or unable freeholders.

Serving Leaseholders

The Leasehold Company is unique in the UK property industry in that we only serve the interests of leaseholders, whereas most other professional organisations either serve the vested interests of freeholder organisations or attempt to provide a neutral service for both leaseholders and freeholders alike. Smaller non-professional groups and online communities have developed to combat the disadvantages faced by the 4 million leaseholders in England and Wales who often find themselves facing nightmare scenarios of astronomical repair bills or being charged for non-service by unethical and rogue freehold landlords. However, until now there has not been a professional organisation focused exclusively in using its professional skills and knowledge exclusively to protect leaseholders and ensure that rogue freehold landlords are brought to task.

Service Charge reductions and refunds

Using a no win no fee business model The Leasehold Company provides a review of leaseholders service charges and enter into direct negotiations with freeholders with a view to reducing charges or refunding previously paid charges and we are remarkably successful in achieving substantial reductions and returns of leaseholders service charges.
Our customers are exclusively leaseholders and all our income is received from obtaining reductions and refunds of overcharged service charges. The Leasehold Company empowers leaseholders to ensure that they are not taken unfair advantage of by unscrupulous freehold landlords overcharging service charges and using leaseholders as cash cows to enrich themselves. Our customers only pay on results and are confident that The Leasehold Company shares their interests in receiving only the fairest service charge rate.

Help for Leaseholders

If you are a residential leaseholder in England or Wales and suspect you are being overcharged but would like to be sure then please contact us today.