What are Major Works?

Leaseholders in England and Wales are usually required to pay service charges, which relate to the freeholders costs of managing and maintaining the building and/or estate which they are obliged to do under most leasehold agreements. Where works will cost any leaseholder over £250 the will need to undertake consultation as required under section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended). The term Major Works is used primarily by Councils and Housing Associations to refer to Service Charges that require such consultation. Council Major Works bills can run to £10,000’s!

Is there a limit to what a freeholder can charge for Major Works?

No. Although the Conservative Government passed regulations that limit Major Works bills where a freeholder has received public funding this only applies in a minority of cases and it has been known for Major Works bills to reach £40,000.00 or £50,000.00 in some cases. Leaseholders are expected to pay these huge major works bills with little say over the expenditure involved.

I’ve received a council major works bill! Can I get a reduction or have this bill struck out? How can I get help?

The Leasehold Company is here to help leaseholders that want to review or challenge their Major Works. We offer a no win no fee service whereby we will review the consultation and the overall charges and if we feel we can get you a reduction or even get the bill written off we will offer to negotiate directly with your freeholder to ensure that you only pay what you have too!

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