What are Service Charges?

Leaseholders in England and Wales are usually required to pay service charges, which relate to the freeholders costs of managing and maintaining the building and/or estate which they are obliged to do under most leasehold agreements. Service charges are required for costs such as undertaking maintenance and repairs, cleaning, insuring the building , providing services such as lifts and concierge services, management of the property and associated services (often carried out by a managing agent), the employment of staff and of professional fees incurred in the management of the property. On large developments it can include works to pavements, roads and associated lighting, gardening and tree maintenance. estate staff, lighting and cleaning of common areas etc.

Do I have to pay my Service Charges?

Many leaseholders receive reasonable costs which are correctly demanded by their freeholder and in accordance with the provisions of the lease, legislation and case law, however many freeholders are either deliberately or unintentionally incorrectly charging Service Charges greatly in excess of which they are permitted. The difficulty is most leaseholders are not entirely sure of their rights and even if they successfully challenge their freeholders service charges they do not know if the have missed other problems they are unaware of!

I think my service charges are unfair! Can I get a reduction or a refund? How can I get help?

The Leasehold Company is here to help leaseholders that want to review or challenge their service charges. We offer a no win no fee service whereby we will review your service charges and if we feel we can get you a reduction or even a refund on historic charges we will offer to negotiate directly with your freeholder to ensure that you only pay what you have too!

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